Thursday, 23 November 2017

Year 7 Camp

This Year seven camp was really fun. Over the three days of our camp, we did a lot of awesome activities. We went rollerblading, that was fun but hard at the same time. After that I got Burger fuel for dinner for the first time, that was amazing. We went up the sky tower, that was super scary and then on the next day we went up mount Rangitoto. That was really cool the view was amazing. This camp was really fun, and it wouldn't have happened without the parents. 

Friday, 29 September 2017

Enviro Planning Day

Enviro Planning Day

On Enviro Planning Day, Matua X came in to teach us about plastic bags and what we can do to reduce the use of them, so we made homemade bags with him. We made them out of old T-Shirts. What we had to do was chop off the arms of our shirts to make them look like singlets. Then down the bottom of the shirt we had to cut strips about the length of our finger, and the width of two fingers. Then we tied all of the strips together, and we have made a bag. Making the bags were really fun. Even though I probably will never use it.


Annie Production

This term we all worked very hard. The spotlight was really fun and a bit of a challenge, but that was good. The lighting and sound team did a really good job. I could clearly hear the choir, and the stage characters sounded really loud. The sound group did a really good job as well. Th production had a really good turn out.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Hockey Practice

Today we went to do some hockey practice with Joseph an hockey instructor. It was really fun getting out of the classroom but not getting wet, although it would be cool to get wet. We learnt how to dribble a hockey ball and how to control it.

Friday, 7 July 2017

My Proud Moments

My Proud Moments

1. This term one of my proud moments are going to Gym sports and getting second place over all because I have practiced a lot and really hard.
2. I am proud of my science fair because I got an excellence and I think that I did really well. I found it quite challenging but that was probably a good thing.
3. I am proud of my spelling because I am on list X. That is the best I've ever done.
4. I am proud of my tech arts visual art because I think I did really well with carving considering it was my first time.
5. I am proud of my explanation writing because of how much more detail I am writing into them.

Friday, 30 June 2017

Science Fair

Science Fair

For science my topic is Are Farms and Towns Polluting our waterways. It was really interesting testing all of our test sites. The water turbidity (clearness of the water) was really bad at the last test site compared to the first test site. My Hypothesis is that I think that the nitrate and phosphate levels will increase as I go further down the river. I think the water turbidity readings will also increase the further down the river we go.

My hypothesis was correct because the turbidity, nitrates and phosphates of the river did increase as we got further down the river.
pH- The pH levels were very constant and fell well within the range of a healthy river.
Turbidity- Only the first sample site had a turbidity under 5 NTU, indicating that all the other sites are at a level that is considered high turbidity and an unhealthy river. When we tested site number two, the turbidity was really high. We think that happened because we dragged the test rig on the bottom of the river, causing the river to stir up. I thought that this test place would have low turbidity because it is close to the head waters. It would make sense that the water would be clearer as it hasn’t come into contact with as much human or animal pollution as it would have further downstream.
Phosphate- Although the phosphate level did increase as you went down the river, all the readings are at a safe level for a healthy river. The spike at Site 5 was after Otorohanga township and Site 9 was after the Mangapiko Stream enters the Waipa- the stream that runs through Te Awamutu- indicating that towns may have a big negative effect on our waterways.
Nitrate- All test sites show a nitrate reading of less than 6.1mg/L which indicates levels within the
healthy range, although levels were rising as you got further down the river.Turbidity is the big concern for the Waipa at this stage although nitrate levels are starting to move e need to identify ways to keep all the factors I have tested within the “healthy river” stage to keep our Waipa safe.into the higher threshold.
Recommendations for the Future
This analysis was done on a day after a recent high rainfall event. Results may be quite different if the river was at a lower level like in summer. The river needs to continue to be monitored to get a better understanding of what the results are at different times of year and at different river levels.

Friday, 9 June 2017

Statistics Learning

Statistics Learning

This weeks statistics learning was really fun. The sheet was quite hard, but I got through it. I need to work on it a bit because I didn't get quite a bit of it, I guessed some of it. Now I also know how to make graphs on Google sheets now.

Friday, 19 May 2017

Recycling Plastic Into Polyester

Recycling Plastic Into Polyester
Have you ever wondered how plastic turns into polyester?

Recycling plastic is an intricate process. It takes quite a few steps to turn the plastic to clothes.

When you finish your drink of water/soda and you throw it into the recycling bin it gets shipped off to a plastic bottle recycling center. The first step is the bottles get shredded to get the moisture out of the bottles. This is very vital because moisture is bad for recycling. The plastic bits are shredded into small pieces. Most would think the bag is trash but it is full of valuable materials.

When the plastic shreds arrive they get sorted into colours. Manufacturers like using white (clear) plastic because they can die it whatever colour they want. We are not done yet, you can’t just sew the plastic together, so the plastic gets put into a pipe. The plastic gets heated up in a big pipe. The molten plastic flows out of little holes making filaments (A small thread like structure).

The thread then has to get ripped up again. They get ripped up and turned into a type of fluff. Then they get strengthened turning it into polyester.

Polyester is great it is recycling and it’s really comfy to wear.

Friday, 5 May 2017

Science Question

Science Question

My science question is Are Farms Really Killing Our Waterways.

I'm doing this question because I want to find out if farms are really to blame. If so how to try to stop it.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Integrity Games

Integrity Games

The Integrity games were really fun. The kids were really good, and they enjoyed the game.  It would've been better if there were more kids but that couldn't happen. I think we still could improve it by adding in some more bits. Like if you got tagged you had to do paper scissors rock and if you won you could get away.

The way you play is, there are two people in at the start, they have linked arms. When they tag someone they link on, but when four people are tagged they split up into two groups.