Thursday, 1 December 2016

My New Motorbike

Mitchell: My New Motorbike

The stylish curves. Slick and smooth body features. The lean green fighting machine. The Monster Energy stickers glow in with pride in the early morning sun. The purr of the bike  echo through the isolated valley. Morning rays of the sun warm me up and make me ready for action.

Slipping into my motocross gear, my mind goes into overdrive. All the ideas flashing about the speed I will go and don’t forget about the wheel stands. I must have said it outloud, because the next thing I know, mum is going on about how I'm ‘ only allowed to go in second gear’. Haha, very funny. I start it. I love that sound. I slide off. First gear, second, third! Drifting around the corner, I spray dirt out left right and center.

He’s right behind me, dad with his 250 Honda. I slam my foot down… well my hand really. Popping a wheelie through the bog, I spray mud at dad. Shaking it off, dad catches up. The hill, my advantage. I fly up the hill, around the corner and down the hill. I win, mum didn’t though, the bog got the best of her. We spent the next ten minutes getting her out. Yay, not.

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