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Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso By Mitchell

Pablo Diego Jose Francisco De Paula Juan Nepomuceno María De Los Remedios Cipriano De La Santísima Trinidad Ruiz Y Picasso, otherwise known as Pablo Picasso is one of the most famous artists ever. Some of his art phases include Cubism and Surrealism.

Picasso was born in Malaga, Spain October 25, 1881. At the age of 10 he signed up for an art class. He didn’t enjoy it, so he quit, but he kept on painting and improved by practise. When he was 26 he was very poor, that is how Blue Period was painted. Picasso had two wives, Olga Khokhlova 1891-!955 and Jacqueline Roque !955-!973. Picasso died on April 8th 1973, age 91.

Picasso used different techniques for his different art pieces. His Cubism art used distortion of an object/face. For example, in a portrait he used half of a half profile and half of a full profile. He avoided the use of curved lines. Instead he used straight lines so the people couldn't tell who it is. He used different textures such as: pastel, paint and some times pen.

His Blue Period used blue black and white. He used the black and white to make different shades.The reason he only used those three shades was because he was very poor. This was showing us about his sad times.

His Rose Period was using vibrant colours such as: red, pink and white because he could afford it and he wasn’t so poor. These paintings resembled happy and wealthier times, because of him being wealthier he could afford more than blue, black and white and more than one canvas.

Art Phase
Picasso had many art phases. Three of them include Cubism, Blue Period and Rose Period. The Blue Period was from 1905-1906 which was when he was poor. He was so poor that he used one canvas for many paintings.

His rose period went on for only one year. That time showed happy and wealthy times. He used bright vibrant colours.

Picasso’s Cubism era went from 1907-1925. His Cubism inspired many artists around the world. He used many different colours. He blended colours. Most parents say “ My child could do better”, but ours won’t sell for millions.

Picasso’s biggest influence was the spanish war/ Nazi bombing. He ran into the middle of all the gore. That is one of his most famous paintings. It’s called Guernica.

Picasso is famous for his cubism and his Blue Period. He influenced a lot of artists all around the.

Influence: A person or thing that exerts influence
Technique: A skill


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