Thursday, 1 December 2016

Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso By Mitchell

Pablo Diego Jose Francisco De Paula Juan Nepomuceno María De Los Remedios Cipriano De La Santísima Trinidad Ruiz Y Picasso, otherwise known as Pablo Picasso is one of the most famous artists ever. Some of his art phases include Cubism and Surrealism.

Picasso was born in Malaga, Spain October 25, 1881. At the age of 10 he signed up for an art class. He didn’t enjoy it, so he quit, but he kept on painting and improved by practise. When he was 26 he was very poor, that is how Blue Period was painted. Picasso had two wives, Olga Khokhlova 1891-!955 and Jacqueline Roque !955-!973. Picasso died on April 8th 1973, age 91.

Picasso used different techniques for his different art pieces. His Cubism art used distortion of an object/face. For example, in a portrait he used half of a half profile and half of a full profile. He avoided the use of curved lines. Instead he used straight lines so the people couldn't tell who it is. He used different textures such as: pastel, paint and some times pen.

His Blue Period used blue black and white. He used the black and white to make different shades.The reason he only used those three shades was because he was very poor. This was showing us about his sad times.

His Rose Period was using vibrant colours such as: red, pink and white because he could afford it and he wasn’t so poor. These paintings resembled happy and wealthier times, because of him being wealthier he could afford more than blue, black and white and more than one canvas.

Art Phase
Picasso had many art phases. Three of them include Cubism, Blue Period and Rose Period. The Blue Period was from 1905-1906 which was when he was poor. He was so poor that he used one canvas for many paintings.

His rose period went on for only one year. That time showed happy and wealthy times. He used bright vibrant colours.

Picasso’s Cubism era went from 1907-1925. His Cubism inspired many artists around the world. He used many different colours. He blended colours. Most parents say “ My child could do better”, but ours won’t sell for millions.

Picasso’s biggest influence was the spanish war/ Nazi bombing. He ran into the middle of all the gore. That is one of his most famous paintings. It’s called Guernica.

Picasso is famous for his cubism and his Blue Period. He influenced a lot of artists all around the.

Influence: A person or thing that exerts influence
Technique: A skill


How Does Petrol Start an Engine

How Does Petrol Start an Engine

Have you ever wondered how petrol makes an engine go? Well it’s quite a big process.

When you turn your key in your vehicle’s ignition it goes to a solenoid ( a cylinder that allows you to turn the key). This connects the key to the starter motor. The starter motor is a little electronic motor that helps turn the crankshaft. In other words, it helps turn the motor.

The Electronic Control Unit (ECU), turns on the fuel pump so it can pump the fuel from the tank through the fuel pump and to the injectors.
The Crankshaft Position Sensor (CPS) tells the ECU when to open the injectors and squirt the fuel into the engine. The ECU also sends a signal to the coil to send a spark to the spark plug.

To get the fuel burning pistons are essential. The injector squirts the fuel into a combustion chamber. The piston is fully down, as the piston comes up it puts more pressure on the . When the piston is at it’s highest point, the coil makes the spark plug spark. It makes a mini explosion, which pushes the piston back down. The starter motor is no longer needed and it is turned off as the engine can now run by itself.

The ECU is very important to the engine. It gives all of the signals to the coils and the injectors. That's how an engine runs.  

By Mitchell

My New Motorbike

Mitchell: My New Motorbike

The stylish curves. Slick and smooth body features. The lean green fighting machine. The Monster Energy stickers glow in with pride in the early morning sun. The purr of the bike  echo through the isolated valley. Morning rays of the sun warm me up and make me ready for action.

Slipping into my motocross gear, my mind goes into overdrive. All the ideas flashing about the speed I will go and don’t forget about the wheel stands. I must have said it outloud, because the next thing I know, mum is going on about how I'm ‘ only allowed to go in second gear’. Haha, very funny. I start it. I love that sound. I slide off. First gear, second, third! Drifting around the corner, I spray dirt out left right and center.

He’s right behind me, dad with his 250 Honda. I slam my foot down… well my hand really. Popping a wheelie through the bog, I spray mud at dad. Shaking it off, dad catches up. The hill, my advantage. I fly up the hill, around the corner and down the hill. I win, mum didn’t though, the bog got the best of her. We spent the next ten minutes getting her out. Yay, not.



This term production was great but stressful. The costumes looked really effective, especially the elephant and the rhino. Thank you Mrs Hobbs, Mrs Strathern and Mr Gemmell. It was a bit nerve racking... but really fun. I can not wait until next year.   

Kahikatea Teams Whiata

Kahikatea Teams Whiata

This term we did a Whiata.
We had to perform in front of the school and in front of parents.
At first it was a little bit freaky but then it wasn't. It was really great fun.


My speech was on sugar and how we could reduce it in our diet.
It was surprisingly fun, I thought it would be really nerve raking.

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Film Analysis, The Borrowers

Mitchell’s Film Analysis, The Borrowers

Image result for the borrowers movie 1997In the film version of Mary Norton’s The borrowers (1997). Director Peter Hewitt chose a selection of camera angles such as;
Close up- Ocious P. Potter’s smirking,
High angle looking down- Pea Green in a cup,
and Panning- on Ocious P. Potter Door.
These angles show the character’s good, bad and/or vulnerability.

In one of the starting scenes of The Borrowers, Peter Hewitt uses a high angle shot looking down at Pea Green when him and Arrietty come up the drawers in a cup. This shows that Pea Green is vulnerable and scared, you can also tell because he’s scrunched up in a ball next to a wall. This suggests that he doesn't like going on adventures, and he might be a bit soft.

The director has used panning around Ocious P. Potter’s office.This tells us that we are not invited and he’s up to no good. This also suggests that he’s a criminal trying to steal money and houses.He’s trying to get his own way at everything. He thinks that if you have money you can do whatever you want.

When Pete’s mum and dad go to see Ocious P. Potter, their lawyer about their house, the director uses a close up of Ocious’ smirk, and then he turns around and acts all sad. From then on he goes and acts all serious and says, “If there's no will, there’s no way.” When Pete’s mum and dad walk out he goes into an evil laugh.

The Borrowers film is great for film analysis. Peter Hewitt uses a lot of camera angles to show the characters power, or not.

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Mt Ruapehu Camp

Happy 'Holiday'/ School Camp

For our school camp we went to Mount Ruapehu. We had to make a slide about an issue. I chose the Magic Carpet.

Friday, 5 August 2016

My Learning Conference

My Learning Conference

I think that my learning conference went pretty well. My progress has been great this year. In maths I've nearly learnt all of my times tables. I have been trying very hard to work harder instead of cruising. Mum was very impressed. Here it is.

Thursday, 30 June 2016

Term 2 Mihi

Term 2 Mihi

This term we videoed our Mihi it was a bit nerve raking, But in the end it was fun.   

Friday, 10 June 2016



In Masterchef we made Chai Spice Banana Bread. It was really nice. We came first but we didn't get to make it at the tough kid challenge. Second place was the meat rap it made me really hungry.

Tough Guy Challenge

Tough Guy Challenge

As I lined up I was feeling nervous. Clap! The running was real. Ducking and diving over the seats and under the wire. Over the hay bails I hop dodging kids left right and center. I go under the cargo net crawling slowly. I can fly like an eagle into the mud an get it all over my face. I come 9th place.

Friday, 6 May 2016


The Motorbike

It tittles as you go around berms.
The shrubs tickle its belly as I push them away.
The dirt trampolines off the suspension as I go over corrugations.
The wheels slide over the dirt as if it was ice.
It roars and rears, bucking it’s owner off.
Settling down, the rider carefully hops on and reves off.
Leaving the dirt behind they search for their next journey.

Friday, 8 April 2016

My Learning Conference

My learning conference was great. I felt really proud of my self. I think my slide was about average. When I did my Mihi I felt a little bit embarrassed, But in the end I did Pretty well.Mitchell's Learning Conference 2016  
Da Vinci Exhibit 

The Da Vinci exhibit was a great trip.All of the inventions, experiments and paintings were really cool. It really inspired me.

Da Vinci's art was amazing. We didn't just see copies of his art, we also heard stories. At the age of 14 he was told to do a corner of a painting by one of the best known painters of that time. He was told to paint an angel.When the master came back he burst into tears and told Da Vinci "You're better than me, the master", and he never painted again.

His inventions were just as good as his paintings. People say that Da Vinci was about one hundred and fifty years ahead  of his time. He made the very first bear ring. You have three balls and a piece of wood shaped into a pencil shape.

Da Vinci was also very interested in the human body. He took real bodies (cadavers) and cut them open and did experiments. He cut open the chest to invest how the heart worked and how the blood did not flow back into the heart. He cut open throats and all sorts of body parts, to see where things were.

The Da Vinci exhibit was very interesting.   

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Swimming Sports

Swimming Sports

Swimming sports was really cool.  The hardest part was the two length freestyle in the heat I got first but in the finals I got fourth. the easiest was the breath stroke. Boston kept on beating me. Imanuali is a surprisingly good swimmer.I got a placing in every single one of the heats and got a third in the finals for breath stroke, but not to Lower Waipa. Swimming Sports was great.

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Purekireki Marae

The Noho at Purekireki was great. I loved the carving. It was actually harder than it looked, although it turned out ok. 
The harakeke was a bit easier than the carving, but it was still tough. My putiputi (flower) turned out pretty well.

Getting to sleep was interesting because everyone was yelling and talking... but in the end I was the first person to get to sleep. 

Monday, 29 February 2016

Hi I'm Mitchell. I'm a year 6. I am really sporty, I like motocross and trail rides [ that's my favourite]. My favourite subjects are Math and Writing. My friends are Corbin, Jack, Thomas, Braxtyn, etc. I'm obsessed with motorbikes. I'm so exited about this year.