Friday, 8 April 2016

My Learning Conference

My learning conference was great. I felt really proud of my self. I think my slide was about average. When I did my Mihi I felt a little bit embarrassed, But in the end I did Pretty well.Mitchell's Learning Conference 2016  
Da Vinci Exhibit 

The Da Vinci exhibit was a great trip.All of the inventions, experiments and paintings were really cool. It really inspired me.

Da Vinci's art was amazing. We didn't just see copies of his art, we also heard stories. At the age of 14 he was told to do a corner of a painting by one of the best known painters of that time. He was told to paint an angel.When the master came back he burst into tears and told Da Vinci "You're better than me, the master", and he never painted again.

His inventions were just as good as his paintings. People say that Da Vinci was about one hundred and fifty years ahead  of his time. He made the very first bear ring. You have three balls and a piece of wood shaped into a pencil shape.

Da Vinci was also very interested in the human body. He took real bodies (cadavers) and cut them open and did experiments. He cut open the chest to invest how the heart worked and how the blood did not flow back into the heart. He cut open throats and all sorts of body parts, to see where things were.

The Da Vinci exhibit was very interesting.