Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Film Analysis, The Borrowers

Mitchell’s Film Analysis, The Borrowers

Image result for the borrowers movie 1997In the film version of Mary Norton’s The borrowers (1997). Director Peter Hewitt chose a selection of camera angles such as;
Close up- Ocious P. Potter’s smirking,
High angle looking down- Pea Green in a cup,
and Panning- on Ocious P. Potter Door.
These angles show the character’s good, bad and/or vulnerability.

In one of the starting scenes of The Borrowers, Peter Hewitt uses a high angle shot looking down at Pea Green when him and Arrietty come up the drawers in a cup. This shows that Pea Green is vulnerable and scared, you can also tell because he’s scrunched up in a ball next to a wall. This suggests that he doesn't like going on adventures, and he might be a bit soft.

The director has used panning around Ocious P. Potter’s office.This tells us that we are not invited and he’s up to no good. This also suggests that he’s a criminal trying to steal money and houses.He’s trying to get his own way at everything. He thinks that if you have money you can do whatever you want.

When Pete’s mum and dad go to see Ocious P. Potter, their lawyer about their house, the director uses a close up of Ocious’ smirk, and then he turns around and acts all sad. From then on he goes and acts all serious and says, “If there's no will, there’s no way.” When Pete’s mum and dad walk out he goes into an evil laugh.

The Borrowers film is great for film analysis. Peter Hewitt uses a lot of camera angles to show the characters power, or not.

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Mt Ruapehu Camp

Happy 'Holiday'/ School Camp

For our school camp we went to Mount Ruapehu. We had to make a slide about an issue. I chose the Magic Carpet.