Friday, 31 March 2017

ASB Callum

ASB Callum

On Tuesday Callum from ASB came and visited us to talk about saving money. He played a game the involved us having to think about how to save money while we went on a pretend holiday to Fiji. There was insurance, accommodation, food and all of the traps ( like food poisoning, hurting yourself and more). He also told us that the more you earn, the more tax income you get. Did you know that a McDonald's worker only has to train for one week before starting their job.

Friday, 17 March 2017

The Whip

The Whip

The wind whips at my face as I tear down the hill, flashing past clumps of dead grass. It’s in my vision… the jump. I leap through the air, I land perfectly on the jump. I race around the track gliding through corners, and wheeling over bumps. Once again I find myself looking at the jump. When I hit the jump I release the throttle to soon. I over shoot the jump and land on my front suspension really hard cause me to crack the seals slightly, at the same time I nearly hit the hill and that would have hurt.

Broxy (the person that was coaching me) said “ You have to pretend there is a roof over you. Get right down and stick your bum out”. I race against my cousin passing him and spraying him with dirt. I come to the jump. I remember stick my bum out and pretend there is a roof over me. I stick the landing, I look back, and Broxy gives me the thumbs up.

“ To whip what you’ve got to do is lean over just before you take off, then drag the bike over the other way, and stick the landing.” Again… I’m drifting around the track, and again I see the jump. I ride up it and do everything Broxy said. I did a really good one, I’ve accomplished the world!!!!

Friday, 10 March 2017

Fun in motocross land

Fun In Motorcross Land

The early morning sun awakens the darkness of the ground and sky.The early morning mist blankets the dewy ground. As I start up my bike the noise wakes the valley. I power through the straights and around the corners, wheelie over the bog and up the hill. My bike finds itself siding around the grass as the dew laughs at the funny sight.

After warming up I pull up to my dad's workers, and we’re off. We glide through the course, sliding around corners, and wheeling over bumps and flying over straights. Second lap, they’re coming up behind me, one goes over a jump and slams into another one and clips me. I make it out unscathed, but one is on the ground. “ You can’t win on the ground” Jarrod laughs.

I’m still flying around the track, going faster than before. Pulling wheelies, doing drifts and racing each other. I snicker in my head as I spray dad with dirt. At the end of the day we’re all shattered. As we leave, the valley goes deathly quiet again. Goodbye Motorcross Land.