Friday, 19 May 2017

Recycling Plastic Into Polyester

Recycling Plastic Into Polyester
Have you ever wondered how plastic turns into polyester?

Recycling plastic is an intricate process. It takes quite a few steps to turn the plastic to clothes.

When you finish your drink of water/soda and you throw it into the recycling bin it gets shipped off to a plastic bottle recycling center. The first step is the bottles get shredded to get the moisture out of the bottles. This is very vital because moisture is bad for recycling. The plastic bits are shredded into small pieces. Most would think the bag is trash but it is full of valuable materials.

When the plastic shreds arrive they get sorted into colours. Manufacturers like using white (clear) plastic because they can die it whatever colour they want. We are not done yet, you can’t just sew the plastic together, so the plastic gets put into a pipe. The plastic gets heated up in a big pipe. The molten plastic flows out of little holes making filaments (A small thread like structure).

The thread then has to get ripped up again. They get ripped up and turned into a type of fluff. Then they get strengthened turning it into polyester.

Polyester is great it is recycling and it’s really comfy to wear.

Friday, 5 May 2017

Science Question

Science Question

My science question is Are Farms Really Killing Our Waterways.

I'm doing this question because I want to find out if farms are really to blame. If so how to try to stop it.