Friday, 29 September 2017

Enviro Planning Day

Enviro Planning Day

On Enviro Planning Day, Matua X came in to teach us about plastic bags and what we can do to reduce the use of them, so we made homemade bags with him. We made them out of old T-Shirts. What we had to do was chop off the arms of our shirts to make them look like singlets. Then down the bottom of the shirt we had to cut strips about the length of our finger, and the width of two fingers. Then we tied all of the strips together, and we have made a bag. Making the bags were really fun. Even though I probably will never use it.


Annie Production

This term we all worked very hard. The spotlight was really fun and a bit of a challenge, but that was good. The lighting and sound team did a really good job. I could clearly hear the choir, and the stage characters sounded really loud. The sound group did a really good job as well. Th production had a really good turn out.